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African Heritage and Colonial Roots Tour

A life opportunity to get to know the black community in Portugal

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About the African Heritage and Colonial Roots Tour

A unique Tour

This is a tourist tour of the city of Porto, different from the usual tours offered by tourist companies. Throughout this experience, you will have the opportunity to visit the undefeated city from an African perspective. From the history of colonialism and the discovery to current times, this tour has as its main objective to show who are the black people who live in Porto and what is the history behind their experiences. The beauty of this city hides many secrets and stories that have never been told. The presence of the black community is greater than is believed, and this tour gives the opportunity to all those who are unaware of the different African cultures, to learn more about them. From art to gastronomy, this tour is the right experience to fall in love with the black community.

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A life changing experience...

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